Support team

The team are the heart of RCH and have been carefully chosen to help maintain the calm and friendly atmosphere. There is a really happy buzz between the registered nurses and highly experienced carers together with the skilled catering crew, the positive housekeepers as well as the amazing gardeners and administrators. The result is a unique, uplifting ambiance, perfect for getting you better and on your path to physical and emotional recovery.

Reliable and kind nursing care team at Rustington Convalescent Home

The nurses and carers have experience from a variety of medical backgrounds: from practise nurse, health visitor and ward sister to working in care homes and mental health wards. This means together the team offer a wide range of knowledge and understanding to help all guests whatever their needs.

Kitchen and dining room team

Trudy Dicker, Dining Room Team Leader, has been at RCH since 2003. Trudy started as part of the domestic team but enjoyed working at RCH so much that she opted to retrain as a chef so she could do longer hours! She was thrilled when she was asked to become team leader to focus on ensuring everything in the dining room runs smoothly and efficiently, as it means she can spend more time with the guests.

“The best part of my day is serving the guests and chatting to them . . . it’s nice watching them get better and telling them how they are improving day by day.”

Housekeeping Team

Andrea Jackson, Housekeeper & Carer has been at RCH since 2008. Andrea spends most of her time ensuring the guests are comfortable and all the rooms are spotless. Before working at RCH, Andrea gained an NVQ in Care and worked as a Senior Carer with both children and adults in various care homes in the area. Andrea also works a regular shift at RCH in her capacity as Carer to support the nursing team.

“The best part of my day? Well, it’s the minute I go in, all of it . . . and it makes the job even more enjoyable knowing you are appreciated.”


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