Medical and care team

The registered nurses and qualified carers at RCH are truly an exceptionally kind and skilled bunch of people. They will take care of all your medical and personal needs during your stay. The nursing team are supported by a dedicated group of chefs, housekeepers, administrators and gardeners. Together the whole team at RCH encourage and teach you how to look after your own health so you can go home empowered, relaxed and confident. RCH really is the ideal place for you to get better in a happy and positive atmosphere surrounded by like-minded guests and healthy sea air.

RCH's nursing care in summary

  • Outstanding registered nurses combined with skilled carers focus on getting you better and rebuilding your confidence ready for your return home
  • High staff to guest ratio means there is an abundance of nursing care whenever you need it throughout the day and night
  • State-of-the-art nurse call system throughout the building
  • Regular bi-weekly visits from the local GP who also provides 24/7 on-call attendance
  • Private medical treatment room equipped with the latest technologies for post-operative care
  • Internal lifts throughout the building including a platform lift directly from the car park
  • Consistent and regular investment in equipment and facilities
  • All staff attend regular mandatory training to stay current and highly competent
  • Physiotherapy treatment available on weekdays
  • Chiropodist available on request
  • Beyond the practical support, RCH’s team always has time to empathise, listen and answer any questions or worries you may have – and time to sit down for a good old chat too

Hugely experienced and reliable nursing team

The nursing staff come from a variety backgrounds: from practise nurse, health visitor and ward sister to working in care homes, midwifery and mental health wards. This means together the nursing team offer a wide range of experience and understanding. But at RCH it is more, much more than just skill and knowledge. The team are the heart of the home and have been carefully chosen to help maintain the warm, family atmosphere. The length of time the team have worked together is testament to the unique, uplifting ambiance of RCH. We are here to support and nurture you at every step on your physical and emotional road to recovery.

“The staff are very professional and skilled but also very approachable and friendly . . .  the combination of staff is very dynamic, fun and effective.”

Rosemary Jackson, Registered Nurse 

Bespoke recovery plan for each guest

A holistic recovery plan is designed for your individual needs by our registered nurses in conjunction with the hospital medical team, our local doctor and the physiotherapists. Your plan is reviewed daily to ensure it is working effectively and every member of the team is aware of your individual requirements so you can be gently encouraged on a progressive path towards recovery.

“When guests first arrive they are usually confused about their medication. We go through all their medication and painkillers and laxatives and sort it out for them and make sure they take it correctly. Then, when they are ready to organise themselves, we make them a chart so they can easily see what they need to take and when.”

Jackie Saunders, Senior Sister

We prepare you for home living

When your stay at RCH comes to an end, we don’t just cross you off our list: once a RCH guest, always a RCH guest! Before you are discharged, the team will ensure you have the right equipment at home to help you, the right services in place if you need them and a comprehensive but clear list of any medication you need. If, when you return home, you feel unsure about anything, we are always here to listen and advise where we can. And, of course, you are more than welcome to come back and stay with us as often as you want.

“We offer a unique experience . . . people are so grateful to have that comfort zone between hospital and going home. By the time they go home, the guests have much more confidence to look after themselves.”

Debby Stanmore, Registered Nurse

High staff to guest ratio

RCH has capacity for more beds. However, the number of guests who stay at any one time is restricted to ensure the staff to guest ratio is preserved for the best care. This means we really are able to pay full attention to each guest and not limit the time spent with any one individual. If you want a cup of tea and a chat, we sit down for a cup of tea and a chat. We take the time to understand your fears and concerns, we love listening to your stories, learning about your life at home and discussing the latest news. At RCH you get an exceptional level of personalised care whatever the time of day or night.

“The one thing that is such a precious commodity is time and I didn’t have that luxury anywhere else that I have worked.”

Rosemary Jackson, Registered Nurse

The latest in high-end equipment and technology

To help the team provide you with privacy, comfort and outstanding nursing care, RCH continues to invest in the latest, most efficient equipment and makes use of new technology. A state-of-the-art nurse call system is installed to ensure help arrives quickly if needed irrespective of the time of day or night. A platform lift has recently been added to help you go from the car park directly into the building without having to negotiate any steps or stairs – and to keep you warm in the winter. There are numerous lifts throughout the inside of the building to make it easy to move between your bedroom and the public rooms. Our private medical treatment facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure you get the most effective post-operative care.

“They’ve got all the facilities whatever condition you’ve got or whatever your mobility needs are. They have walk in level showers, gizmos and gadgets and lots of things to use and of course it’s all readily available.”

Judy, recovering following an operation

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