For medical professionals

RCH specialises in short term respite care and post operative recovery to ensure your patients’ return to health is managed effectively after they have been discharged from hospital.

RCH is for convalescing and respite patients only

Most care homes only offer a patient short term care if they have beds available or where patients are expected to live alongside “long stay” guests. RCH, however, exists only to provide this essential link between hospital and home. The aim is to help your patients get better, regain their independence and restore confidence in their abilities so they can go back home as soon as they feel ready.

How can RCH help me?

RCH is here to support you in managing your patients’ post operative care. We all know that a well-managed recovery process helps to prevent future complications. We are also very aware of the challenges that healthcare professionals face daily. A stay at RCH should mean less return visits to hospital, less drain on your resources and a better outcome for your patients. In addition, if any of your patients with medical conditions need a break or a holiday, a week or two respite care at RCH will make a huge difference to them both mentally and physically. 

Surprisingly affordable

Your patients will be surprised how reasonably priced a stay at RCH is. As a guide, a stay will cost between £750-£900 a week. The price varies depending on the amount of initial care your patient needs. This highly unusual offering is possible because RCH is a charity and contributes up to 50% towards the cost of each guest’s stay. 

What does a stay at RCH include?

Each patient will have their own en-suite bedroom. There are a large number of spacious communal rooms for relaxing, activities and general socialising as well as modern medical facilities and a nurse call system throughout the building. All their medical needs will be looked after by an experienced team whatever the time of day or night. Also included in the cost of the stay are three substantial meals as well as snacks, refreshments and seasonal fruit throughout the day. Our experienced Chef uses locally grown fresh produce where possible and is highly competent at producing nutritionally optimised meals for all medical needs. RCH has acres of garden which overlook the sea so patients have fresh air and can go for walks as part of their recovery.

How can my patient contact RCH?

Click the “Email an enquiry” button or email us at or telephone 01903 783368. If you would like to download a brochure to forward to your patient, please click on the “Download a brochure” button. We know you are busy so we are happy to contact your patient directly to discuss their needs if you would like to forward their details to us once they have given you permission to do so.

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