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Exceptionally good convalescent care

After an operation, illness or accident, you may feel a bit vulnerable and unsure how you are going to cope. But don’t worry, that’s only natural. And that is why RCH exists.

So if you are searching for somewhere magical to help you recover after your operation, or are looking for the ideal place for respite care, come and be looked after by the amazingly thoughtful and caring team at RCH.

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Your road to recovery with support, care and kindness

We will help you through that bewildering post-operative stage with kindness, professionalism and genuine care. It’s like staying at a delightful hotel by the sea but with the added bonus of medically trained staff on hand whenever you need them day or night.

We take care of you, so you can concentrate on getting better and return home refreshed, confident and optimistic. All the teams working seamlessly together, coupled with the fresh sea air and the wonderful camaraderie, helps to explain why guests make such good recoveries and leave RCH feeling so refreshed and renewed.


Reasons to choose RCH

Dedicated to recovery

Unlike care homes, RCH specialises in short term convalescent and respite care. It exists to help its post-operative and respite guests recover mentally and physically so you can return home happy and refreshed, confident and capable. This niche offering is possible because RCH is a charity that is not constrained by grants or restricted budgets.

Purpose built

RCH was built in 1897 for the sole purpose of providing a place to convalesce. Today it is one of the few remaining dedicated convalescent facilities in the country. With its recent multimillion pound refurbishment, it is a wonderful blend of modern facilities nestled within a striking and historical building.

Affordable luxury

Because RCH is a not-for-profit organisation, it is able to subsidise the cost of each guest’s care by up to 50%, so you get an outstandingly high level of personal care and attention at an affordable price – and the almost limitless food budget provides fresh, nutritionally balanced, plentiful meals which are simply delicious!

Outstanding location

The location of RCH, right on the sea front and within acres of gardens, was chosen in 1897 specifically for the healing benefits of the fresh sea air. Today research backs up the beneficial links between living by the sea and one’s health. It is truly a unique and outstanding location.

Recovering after an operation

Are you feeling worried how you are going to cope when you leave hospital after an operation? It is a big ask of anyone to go through the recovery process without any medical help or convalescent support. But you are not alone. Our amazing team provides superior clinical care in an unrivalled and relaxing environment so you can focus on recovering.

Caring nurse looking after elderly man.

Recovering from an illness or accident

Have you been ill and feel like your energy has been zapped? Have you had an accident and are having trouble regaining your confidence? RCH is the ideal place to learn how to look after yourself again and get back to feeling like you! With its outstanding nursing care, a stay at RCH has been proven to improve health, increase confidence and restore vitality.

Hero-Respite Care

The carer needs care too

It is not until you are a full-time carer yourself that you realise what a demanding and, at times, stressful role you have taken on. But you don’t need to handle it alone. RCH offers carers like you the opportunity to take a short break from such an intensive role. Think of RCH as a hotel but with nursing care. Our nurses, carers and support team look after your loved one while you take essential time out to relax, re-energise and enjoy the camaraderie and companionship of other guests. After all, it is very hard to look after anyone else if you are not fit, healthy and happy yourself.

Are you cared for at home and would like a change of scenery?

As the person being cared for you may benefit from a short break from your full time carer. It’s always good to have a change of scenery every now and again, to have the opportunity to relax in new surroundings, to meet other people your own age or to pamper yourself. Maybe you just need a quiet place to stay for a few days that will look after all your nursing and day-to-day needs. RCH specialises in short term respite and convalescent care. It is the perfect place to relax, safe in the knowledge that you have the full attention and professional care from an amazing team of registered nurses and qualified carers who love looking after guests just like you.

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